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You will be selecting one of the ads we viewed during that lecture, or finding one of your own. The ad should have been intended for a wide audience, and it should have generated enough controversy to be discussed in the media.

Section 1. Name, email, PID

Section 2. Brand, ad name, ad year, agency

Section 3. Brief summary. In your own words discuss why the ad was deservingly controversial *or* why you feel it did not deserve the label of controversial at the time.

Section 4. Discuss the ad from a micro, meso, macro ethical approach. Refer to your Sheehan reading if you need to re-read the section on micro, meso and macro approaches.

Section 5. Intended effects. Discuss the intended effects.

Section 6. Unintended effects. Discuss the unintended effects that made this ad controversial. How could the advertisers have avoided the unintended effects?

Section 7. Responsibility. In your opinion, whose job should it have been to avoid this controversy? Or, put another way, who bears the responsibility for this controversial ad?

Section 8. Remedy. Were any remedies, such as public relations efforts, made at the time the ad came out? Should any remedies have been made to address the controversies around the ad?

Section 9. Model. Look back to your answer in Section 5 and find an example of an ad that successfully, and without controversy, achieved what this controversial ad was trying to do.

More information:

Each section should be labeled clearly.
Single spaced.
Write concisely — you are limited to 3 pages to get your arguments across.
Your assignment should be proofed and free of errors. If it is not, your instructor may return it to you for revision in order for you to receive credit.


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