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Pretend that one of your friends just found out that you were taking Biopsychology this semester and asked you, “Hey, is it true that humans only use 10% of our brains?” How would you respond to them? In your answer, please describe how each of the 4 lobes of the brain is responsible for processing different information. To enhance your description, use an example of a single task or activity that would require the use of all 4 lobes of the brain.
To receive full credit, come up with a unique task or activity that hasn’t already been discussed by another student. We use all 4 lobes of the brain for almost everything we do, so it should not be difficult for you to come up with a unique activity. Also, be sure and describe how each of the 4 lobes is involved with your single task or activity. (please come up with a bizzare task that all 100 students may not have thought of lol thanks)
Discussion posts should be 400 words


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