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Topic: Suffering

Most people at one point ask the question “Why is there suffering in this world?,” or more personally, “Why do I have to suffer?” How can you explain the reality of evil, tribulation, and suffering to others? How can you explain the reality of God in the midst of suffering? Put your comments in the context of a leader or caregiver (such as when a wounded warrior asks you “Why?”).

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Discussion 7

Topic: Compassion Fatigue
As a leader or caregiver, how do you avoid the fatigue and isolation that lead to “growing weary in well doing” and compassion fatigue?

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Discussion 8

Topic: Calling
Resilient Warriors talks at length about the importance of “Calling.” Discuss the Before-During-After aspects of “ Calling,” and relate this to your particular vocation (or future vocation). Include an example in your own life, or in the life of another. If another person is used, do not include any specific identifying information (HIPAA).

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Discussion 9

Topic: Jesus as Resilient Example
Jesus was the ultimate “Resilient Leader,” and strength and encouragement may be drawn from His example. What three resilient characteristics in the life of Jesus do you find most relevant to you as a leader or caregiver?


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