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Your project will consist of the following simulated exercise: You’ve been hired to handle all security-related issues for the main office building of a major technology company, Khyber-Ventress Enterprises. The company does major defense contract work as well as consumer product development and sales. The building houses Administration (floors 1,2), Research & Development (floors 3,4), Sales (floors 5,6), and Maintenance (e.g. servers, housekeeping, etc. floors 7,8). Each floor has 3 stairway exits (on the north, west, and east sides of every floor). Additionally, there are 3 elevators that service the entire building. Both the stairways & elevators have roof access. Your job is to develop a complete security plan that addresses the following: 1) Physical security (e.g. access control, etc.) 2) Personnel (employee, visitor, etc) security and of course, information/technological (company property) security. Be as detailed & creative as you like. While there’s no fixed page length, (quality over quantity)


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