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First: Select from the list below one historical theorist featured in the course assigned readings but not discussed extensively in class. Theorist options include:

Alfred Adler
Gordon Allport
Steven Pinker
B. F. Skinner
Kurt Lewin
Karen Horney
Carl Jung
Roger Sperry
Milicent W. Shinn
John Broadus Watson
George Kelly
Ethel Puffer Howes
Carl Rogers
Rollo Reese May
Mary Calkins
Then: Compose your Paper Preparation submission with the following included:

A title page in APA format (Times New Roman, 12 font only)

A thesis statement stating the primary focus of the paper

Two or three substantial and thorough paragraphs describing the key concepts of the theorist’s theory to be used for the Course Paper.

An annotated bibliography: An annotated bibliography is comprised of an APA formatted list of all articles to be used in a paper or other project with a brief summary under each article’s listing. Its purpose is to assist the determination of best suited for the assignment choice articles and the development of your full paper for which you will need to use 5 to 7 peer-reviewed journal articles or other academic publications that are considered to have reliable information. Popular media sources are not permitted.

–The article’s author, date of publication, title and journal in which it was published in APA format as you would list it in a References list.
–The contribution of a theory we have studied that most relates to the article’s focus (Ex: If it is an article about an experiment testing behavior modification techniques a behavioral or learning theory would be a good choice)
–What research was conducted by the article authors if the article included research studies (Ex: An experimental study investigating the interaction of short term memory and attention)
–Major findings if the article included research studies

Each annotated bibliography article summary should contain a minimum of 5-7 sentences.


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