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In order to address the needs of clients, counselors working with substance abusers must understand the effects of both historical developments and national and international drug policies and laws on substance abusers and the field of substance abuse counseling.

In this Discussion, you will reflect on the historical developments, policies, and laws that have had an impact on substance abuse and substance abuse counseling in order to best prepare yourself for serving clients with substance abuse issues. Additionally, you will consider how a scholar-practitioner working in the field of substance abuse counseling can help create social change.

Write a description of the historical development that you believe contributes most to the abuse of a particular substance today. Justify your selection of this historical development and explain the impact it has had on the abuse of the particular substance. Then, describe a negative impact that a national or international policy has had on substance abuse and/or substance abuse counseling. Lastly, discuss your thoughts about the role you might like to take as an advocate and/or agent of social change within the field of substance abuse counseling.

More than 300 words. APA format. Turn it in on time.


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