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Grading Criteria:



Introduction – 20%

· Set the context of the study

· Outline the interventions selected

· Provide an overview of how the essay will proceed.

/ 20

Discussion – 50%

· Overview and evaluation of the area under investigation

· Review of the interventions; aims, methods, sample, outcomes, how they were evaluated, strengths and weaknesses.

· Compare and contrast the two interventions

· Relate to the research in that area

/ 50

Conclusions – 20%

· Summary of main findings

· Suggestions for future interventions.

/ 20

Presentation & Referencing – 10%

· Correct use of grammar, punctuation and spelling

· Appropriate writing style (use of “third” person)

· The majority of references are from academic journals and primary sources

· References reported accurately in essay text

· References reported accurately in attached ‘References’ section

/ 10

Students should recognise that the marking criteria are weighted to indicate its importance in relation to the information required.

NB: these subsections should only be used as guidance towards marking and content. This is an academic essay and subsections should not be used within the main body of work.


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