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Here is a direction you can take when looking at behavior change- Health Behavior Journal- The following will give you some ideas of where to go with your health behavior choice, what to record, how to record it (graph), and some basic types of interventions (specific to the behavior). Example of a behavior change- Manage anger that arises in stressful moments-

On a daily basis, record the specific moments where you can identify a moment of anger due to a stressful situation i.e. driving, customer service, employer, employees, and so on. Include the date and time. This is the information you can use to create a line graph showing the times of the day where your anger may occur the most depending on the situation.

Interventions include things you could use to identify or reduce the effects of the stressful moment and the anger related to it. Examples include breathing techniques, meditation, and step away from the situation, reduce workload, vent to a friend about the situation (normative), or accept what you can’t control. The final option is to look at a particular health behavior theory or model that would correlate with your health behavior change. Your written report should be 5 content pages and (a title Page does not count as a content page), should use Times font (size 12, only double-spaced, 1-inch margins and apa format and cited all references), and should include the following 4 sections: 1. An introduction This section will describe your target behavior as well as its antecedents and consequences, will discuss your baseline period and how it contributed to the formulation of an intervention. Strategy and will specify your behavioral goals (i.e., what you decided would constitute success). 2. An intervention description This section includes a detailed description of your intervention strategy. What parts of your intervention strategy worked…which parts did not work?

3. The results of your behavior change attempt This section presents how well you were able to change your target behavior, including a required graph that visually depicts your success by presenting data from both the baseline period and the modification period.

4. A discussion of your experience This section includes the reasoning behind choosing your target behavior, observations on our challenges during the change, reasons for instances of success and failure, what you would do differently if you had it to do over again, and your reflections on the experience in.

Use this terms: Perceived susceptibility, Perceived seriousness, Perceived benefits, Perceived barriers, Cues to Action, Modifying Factors:

This is the reference book that you may use.,_Barbara_K._Rimer,_K._Viswanath%5D_Heal%28BookFi.or.pdf

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