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Format Requirements: Typed, Double-Spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, 1-inch margins. Reference page in APA citation format if any outside material is used. Your name, your professor’s name, and the date should be typed single-spaced in the top left-hand corner of the paper. A title should be centered underneath. See the paper format sample for an example of how the paper should look.


What is your preferred conflict style? Give examples of when you have used that style and what tactics you have used. Is that style or tactics used effectively in resolving your conflicts constructively? Do you use the same conflict style for everyone (your family, your friends, your co-workers)? How does the conflict style of both you and your relational partners effect your relationships?


This is a formal essay, fulfilling the course Gordon Rule requirement. As such it should be written in essay form with an introduction, body, and conclusion and transitions between points. Do not write as a list. Do write as a narrative.
Professional work is expected. Therefore, the essay should be free of spelling, punctuation, formatting, and other grammatical errors.
The essay should be substantive. This means you should 1) give examples as evidence to support the claims you make in the essay, 2) incorporate the vocabulary of the course and the lecture material, and 3) draw connections between what you have learned in the course and in everyday life.
Cite sources, if necessary. Outside sources are not required for this essay. However, if you do use outside resources, they need to be cited appropriately: both through parenthetical citation and a reference page at the end. Any time you use ideas that you didn’t come up with on your own (out of your own brain), you should give credit to the source.


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