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This week, you will select a research topic for your Final Project and submit it to your Instructor for approval. Your topic should be related to gender, and the research that you conduct on the topic (in future weeks) should be from a psychological perspective. The following are examples of research topics:

  • Academic achievement gap in math test scores between boys and girls
  • Conflict over household chores in relationships
  • The experience of transgender adolescents at school.
  • The impact of toys on gender identity development in children
  • The impact of gender on leadership styles in the workplace
  • The impact of media stereotypes on gender roles

To prepare for your Final Project, review the Writing Center resource, “Writing a Paper: Prewriting.”

By Day 7

Submit your Final Project topic and a sentence or two about why you selected it (150 words maximum). Also, include a citation for at least one reference or resource you intend to use.


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