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Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, using the attached APA Style template.

Reflect on the topic of GCU Code of Conduct and Academic Standards and in 350‐500 words address the following prompts in four paragraphs:

1. Review the Code of Conduct and Academic Standards in the university policy handbook. Go to and click on the University Policy Handbook link. Find the Code of Conduct and Academic Standards section. In your own words, explain 2 academic integrity violations and 2 code of conduct violations. Give a specific example of what the 4 identified violations could be.

2. The academic integrity section discusses academic dishonesty. One area of dishonesty is plagiarism. Define plagiarism in your own words.

3. Why do you think students plagiarize?

4. Describe how students can avoid academic dishonesty in group work or as an individual?


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