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FP#1 – Sterling & Walco (2003)

Content for Empirical Research Articles (Hint: if it has a Method and Results section, it is likely an empirical research article):

• Start with a one-sentence introduction of the article CHAD 496 – Tue/Thu Professor Phung, Spring 2021 12

• Provide your commentary on the article’s strengths: Describe strengths of the article and why they were strong, make suggestions for building on this study for future research and why this would be an important next step (~1 paragraph)

• Provide your critique of the article’s limitations/problems: Discuss problems with the methods or conclusions drawn from the data (if it was a research study) or problems with the authors’ thinking/opinion (if it was a perspective paper). Explicitly state why these were problematic and offer logical and feasible solutions for how this could have been improved (~1 paragraph)

• A clear train of logical thought should follow in your commentary and critiques.

• In general, your post should be ~2 paragraphs (~10-12 sentences. Your post should be concise and should not exceed 2.5 paragraphs maximum


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