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Submit a recipe that you would put in a compiled cookbook for the class (that can be downloaded if any of you are interested). This should be one with meaning to you. I want the following format:

1. Your name

2. Name of the recipe

3. What category the recipe fits under (appetizer, side dish, entree/casserole, dessert, soup….. see lecture and the categories in the subheadings.

4. Why this recipe has meaning to you – include who made it, why, geography such as where it is from… etc…(More than a sentence please!)

5. The recipe as best you can (put in measurements, times, directions, ingredients)

Disclaimer: Recipes submitted are for intellectual purposes only. Try at your own risk. The university, professor and course members assume no responsibility.

IMPORTANT!!! Select the CORRECT subheading the recipe fits under to post.

assingnment price: 10$


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