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Select one of the following topics that have impacted our culture either locally/nationally/internationally:

The Role That Gender, Race, and Age Play In the Political Landscape
Financial Freedom and Reparations in the Black Community
The Importance of HBCUs in the 21st Century
Gender Neutral: The New Normal
Who Am I?: Impact that Colorism Has on Social Identity

To apply what is learned in the classroom to real life issues
To challenge individual perspectives on various issues
To increase comfort level in public speaking

You are a psychologist that has been sent into a specific scenario to assess their current condition. Identify blind spots and key issues that need to be addressed. Utilizing the various theories discussed, develop a plan that will be implemented to help in correcting the issues YOU identified. Please ensure that you include how success will be measured.


A PowerPoint presentation is required for this assignment
The presentation should last no more than 10 minutes.
Please make sure you present yourself in a professional manner.
You have the creative freedom in how to present the information to myself, your panel, and your peers, SO HAVE FUN!!!!


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