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Understanding How Family Life and Gender Influence Career Development

An expanded view of clients helps career counseling professionals improve responsiveness, increase gender and family diversity awareness, and meet the ever-changing needs of the workforce and those in the process of making career-related decisions.

To prepare for this Discussion:


· Review this week’s Learning Resources.

· Think about the variation that exists in individuals’ experiences related to family life and gender, and how they may influence career development.

· Select two or more specific examples from Chapters 16 and 17 that you find particularly significant, as well as any real-life examples, and consider how the scenarios might influence individuals’ priorities, goals, choices, and challenges related to work.

· Reflect on how insights related to gender and family life may inform a professional’s approach to and implementation of career counseling with various individuals.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a description of three or more specific insights gained with regard to gender and family life that will inform your approach to and implementation of career counseling, and explain how they will inform it.


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