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How might clients feel if they discovered that their substance abuse therapist had no personal experience with substance abuse? Would they feel betrayed? Lied to? Would they even care? Does past recovery experience influence the effectiveness of a substance abuse therapist? Therapy is an intensely personal journey, and it is important that clients trust their therapist to successfully guide them through the process.

For this Discussion, review the media titled “Audio Therapist: Colleague Calling.” Think about how you might respond to your colleague on the phone. Consider the relationship between effectiveness as a therapy group leader and firsthand experience with the recovery process. Use your own words in clear terms, as though you are speaking directly to a colleague.

With these thoughts in mind:

Write your response to the colleague. Include how you would explain to your colleague how she can convey her effectiveness as a group therapist. Provide the rationale for your response to the colleague. Be specific and use current literature to support your response.

APA format. Stay on topic. No more than 4 pargraphs.


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