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You will complete and fill in the Week 3 of the matrix you will do the following

To prepare for this Assignment: Review this week’s readings, focusing on the differences among the following four qualitative research approaches:

The Template is attached.

Social constructionism and narrative inquiry
Systems theory
Interactive and participatory qualitative applications
You can use the following articles among others

Hernandez, K. A. C., Ngunjiri, F. W., & Chang, H. (2015). Exploiting the margins in higher education: A collaborative autoethnography of three foreign-born female faculty of color. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 28(5), 533–551. doi:10.1080/09518398.2014.933910

Hutchinson, S. L., & Gallant, K. A. (2016). Can senior centres be contexts for aging in third places? Journal of Leisure Research, 48(1), 50–68. doi:10.18666/JLR-2016-V48-I1-6263

And you can use other articles but it must be scholarly and cite all work


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