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You should use the readings in your Answers.

Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution

Locke: Second Treatise of Government

Hume: Treatise of Human Nature (BK II PT III SEC III, BK III PT I SEC I-II)

Hobbs: Leviathan 1-17and conclusion

Mill: On Liberty

Rousseau: On the Social Contract

Is the Declaration of Independence an “Enlightened” document? Why, or why not?

How does the U.S. Constitution differ from the Declaration of Independence?

Who was more influential when it comes to the U.S. Constitution, Locke, Hume, or Hobbs?

Mills claims that liberty is an opinion, is it? Is liberty an opinion in the U.S. Constitution?

What does Rousseau mean by “Man is free but everywhere in chains”?

Is the U.S. Constitution a social contract? Why, or why not?


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