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Assignment Instructions

Provide a clear and concise answer to each question below making sure to address each part of the question. Answer each question in sentence form using correct spelling and grammar. Then, submit the file (appropriately named) with your answers, including any graphs created, through the assignment link in this course space.

Shown below are the profiles for two middle school students who took achievement tests in math, reading, social studies, and Spanish. Each test had a maximum score of 10. Students vary somewhat in how well they do in different subjects, but most people who do well tend to do well pretty consistently across subjects. However, a student with a specific learning disability will show a pattern of average or above average performance in some areas but poor performance in a particular area. Think about how this should affect thestandard deviation of a student’s achievement test scores.


Math English Social Studies Spanish
Scott 7 5 8 7
Mark 9 2 8 7
Calculate the mean test score and the standard deviation of the test scores for each student (not each subject). Provide these values in your answer. Does one of the students fit the profile expected for having a learning disability? Explain why. (Values can be reported in either a sentence or table.) (8 pts.)

One objection to the analysis in question 1 is that you do not know how well either of these students did relative to other students in the class. To determine this we need to recalculate each student’s score in each subject as a z-score. The mean and SD of the overall class performance on each subject test are in the table below.
Math English Social Studies Spanish
Mean 7 5 6 6
SD 2 4 1 2
What are Scott and Mark’s z-scores that correspond to their performance on each of the achievement tests? Do these values strengthen or weaken the claim that one of these students has a specific learning disability? Explain why. (Values can be reported in either a sentence or table.) (12 pts.)

Project grading rubric is available on the next page.

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