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Aim: the aim of your project is to plan a developmental program to be implemented in your community. Both theoretical as well as feasibility aspects are to be considered.


The following aspects of the service are recommended as possibly relevant:


  1. Child development screening / surveillance . By whom, at what ages, where, and with which schedule.
  2. Developmental assessment.. As above.
  3. Intervention/ The type of intervention most suitable for your community. e.g. , only for infants up to 24 Ms. Only as group intervention, only on individual basis with parents, etc delivered by a developmental nurse , by a physiotherapist, or a multi / trans-disciplinary team etc. only for a certain developmental problems e.g. cerebral palsy etc.
  4. You need to describe the community in a separate paragraph of up to 15 lines before planning the intervention and relate to the demographic aspects including number of children in families, the known birth rate and the expected number / % of children with developmental problems.
  5. You need to delineate the agencies expected to take part in this project and funding resources that are potentially available . e.g governmental , NGOs , UN , enterprises e.g. Microsoft .
  6. Finally you need to come up with a realistic time table.
  7. The paper is expected to be of a maximum 10 but not less than 5  typed pages , 1.5 spaces between  lines  and 12 – font size.



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