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Scenario: You are a new school counselor in a school that has not been using data to drive the school counseling program. The veteran counselor at the school said that collecting data is a waste of time.

What would you say to this veteran counselor? Support your thoughts with research from your readings.

Examine the school data profile on page 236 of your Exploring School Counseling text and discuss the following:

What patterns, trends, and gaps do you see?
Determine what programs and services should be put in place to help.
Explore to see if there are results that can be addressed through the counseling curriculum, small group, or closing the gap activities.
Following the D.A.T.A. template, found on page 242 in your Exploring School Counseling text:

Decide what your question would be, based on the data identified.
Determine how you would collect data to answer the question.

Will give you texbook access. Assignment due tomorrow at 6:00pm eastern time.


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