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The following research questions can be answered using 1 of the 5 tests you have learned so far: single-sample t-test, paired-samples t-test, independent-samples t-test, one-way ANOVA, or two-way ANOVA. Use the information in the tables to construct your SPSS data file, just as you have been doing in Part 2 of each homework assignment. There is only 1 correct choice of analysis for each question, and note that some tests are 1-tailed and some are 2-tailed. The assessment is open-book/open-notes.

For each problem involving a test of significance, your answer must include: A) SPSS output; B) an appropriate graph from SPSS; C) a Results section in current APA style including a statistical statement (i.e., t(19) = 1.79, p = .049); a sentence summarizing the results “in English” (i.e., “There was a significant difference between the two groups on the variable…” or “There was no significant difference…”); and a decision about the null hypothesis.


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