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Cultural Psychology

This is a 800 word essay (that covers all of the questions, so pace yourself) Each question should be responded to in 4-60 complete sentences. Follow the directions given below. Make sure to pay attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation. This should include book references when appropriate and requested (Culture and Psychology – Sixth edition David Matsumoto – Chapter 3&4).
This is an essay, not a text message – there should be paragraphs!
***Are there psychological influences of culture on children which could influence them as they develop into adults? Are these influences universal, across cultures? Do they vary some depending on a culture? Are there cultures where these theories do not apply at all?
Once you have read Chps 3 & 4 you should be have a perspective on how these theories and the validity of their findings influence/ or do not influence across cultures.

Please consider these theories below and respond to the questions in a paragraph form.

Make sure you have an introduction to each theory, respond to the questions and provide a summary of the assignment.

Please pay attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation for the Introductions to each theory and Conclusion paragraph.


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