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Is globalization good for local communities? Why or why not?

What are the most important features of globalization? Does globalization necessarily have to be linked with neoliberalism or is there another way to imagine globalization?

How does globalization affect local cultures? Does globalization necessarily lead to a homogenization of local culture which erases cultural diversity and heritage? Or can globalization lead to hybridization where local cultures embody global forces in ways uniquely appropriate to their own cultural context?

How should local communities respond to globalization? Should we protect our local cultural heritage? How exactly can we do that? Do local communities have responsibilities toward people who live on the other side of the world? What about our responsibility to the environment? How can we balance what is good for those in our neighborhood, what is good for those in developing nations, and what is good for the environment?

What is something you could do in your own specific neighborhood to respond to the challenge of globalization in a responsible way?


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