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Cross-Cultural Research Methods

In order to participate in this discussion, you will need to reviewed the PowerPoint slides VIDEO.
• What might be a subject about another culture you would like to research?
• What might your hypothesis be?
• What research method would you use?
• What might be some of the issues/problems that could occur with this research?
• How might bias affect the research and/or the results of your research? Use a minimum of 2 examples of what bias might you have to consider.
• Explain how cultural practices might be a variable in your experiment.
• As a rule, what are some of the challenges faced by researcher when studying culture?
Part 2 (Links to an external site.)
• What were Joseph Herrick’s findings in his 2010 study?
• What did his finding throw into question on cultural studies?
• Reference one additional finding from other studies in the article related to cultural studies
Part 3
Review Part 1 in regard to the hypothesis you choose and the Part 2 article, how might the information from Part 2 influence your selected study? Would you change anything? What might you keep?


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