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The purpose of this research assignment is to help you develop a good sense of the difference between science and pseudoscience-in essence, to hone your critical thinking skills. Make sure that you follow the Material Preparation Guidelines in syllabus.

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please read and report on the following sections. In your own words, list describe what the authors have to say.

1, SEVEN (7) warning signs of Bogus Science note the author’s statement about theoretical

speculation without supporting evidences.

2, Why Bogus Therapies Often seem to WORK

Make sure you cover all seven of the main points of both articles

3, now, in your own words summarize ONE of the following Articles

Psychomotor Patterning


Be Wary of Attachment Therapy

4, Finally, discuss why critical thinking and sound scientific investigation is important in both medicine and psychology?

Please make sure to use the APA format. And the paper should 4 pages


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