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Based on your reading and personal experience, discuss the vulnerability of the nation’s agricultural system to a terrorist attack. What type of agents would likely be used, and where might these agents be injected? If you were in a position in the Department of Homeland Security for critical infrastructure protection, how would you recommend that the U.S. recognize and defend itself from such an attack?

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.

Unit III Project

Infrastructure Report

In this lesson, we have studied the vulnerability of the critical infrastructure (CI) and the impact of terrorists’ weapons of mass destruction attacks against CIs. The CI is a trifecta for a terrorist organization. In one attack, they can cause an inordinately large number of casualties due to the human density characteristic surrounding CIs, such as train stations or subway terminals; destroy a historical monument or a nation’s icon, such as the World Trade Center; or hobble important necessary conveniences, such as transportation or clean water systems, for a considerable period of time.

Write an infrastructure report involving terrorist use of a chemical or biological weapon against one of the following vulnerable infrastructure areas: mass transit, water supply, or agriculture. Include in your report the terrorist attack scenario and sequence of actions necessary to resolve the attack.

Also, discuss the following items below:

• Evaluate the impact a terrorist attack would have on one of the following: mass transit, water supply, or agricultural systems in the U.S.

• Explain the vulnerability of the choice you selected above to a terrorist attack.

• Explain the destructive intentions from terrorists on the critical infrastructure.

• Explain the impacts of this critical infrastructure event impacting the community.

Write a report of a minimum of three pages that supports your discussion. Support your arguments and opinions. You can use your textbook as well as other reliable sources as references. Ensure you write an effective introduction to your report.

Use APA style when writing your paper, and be sure to correctly format any in-text citations and references. Title and reference pages are not included in the page count.

Week III study guide is attached for guidance.

(class book)

Howard, R. D., & Forest, J. (2013). Weapons of mass destruction and terrorism (2nd ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

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