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Team Mini-Research Project: Country Profile Presentation WrittenGuidelines

I. Organization

Technology (slides readability)

Organization (topic smooth flow)

II. Key Topics to address in your design and presentation

Overview of the Country under consideration (geographic local showing world map; total population; independence day and from whom; political system and current leader, etc.) ; Working days/week; Hours worked/day; Country Time Zone; Literacy Rate (male; female and overall); Business/Official Language; Discuss TV ownership/person; Discuss Radio ownership/person; How many Patients per Doctor; How many Hospital beds/patients; Present the country GDP/per capital GDP and average income; Country Exchange rate; How many People in Urban areas; How many people in Rural Areas; Country’s economic infrastructures (water ways; paved and non-paved roads; paved and non-paved airports, railroads in kilometers and/or miles.

Summary/recommendation or conclusion
Note: Teams must select their country from AFRICA; AMERICAS; ASIA; AUSTRALIA/NEW ZELAND and EUROPE


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