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In recent years the idea that well-being is a critical factor has been acknowledged not only by psychologists, but also by political leaders of a number of nations. For instance, in the past politicians often only examined economic well-being, now some nations are assessing the psychological well-being of their citizens! Among the nations exploring such types of psychological well-being and policy to promote it, are Bhutan, Venezuela, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) among others. In fact, in 2016 the UAE appointed its first Minister of Happiness. One suspects other nations may follow in the coming years.

For this Module 3 Assessment, you will make a policy recommendation based on your expertise as a psychological consultant to a newly discovered nation. As you consider your Module Assessment, please take the time to review the requirements for the Assessment as well as the time you will need for completion. Please plan your time accordingly throughout this module.

Review the following situation:

Imagine you are serving as a psychological consultant to a newly discovered nation of the world and you discover that most people in this nation are happy while some are distressed and suffering from psychological disorders or mental distress.

(5 pages excluding title page and reference page)


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