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The Stanford Prison Experiments were some of the most famous studies on conformity and obedience in modern history. Go to this link to learn more about these experiments.

Part 1

Answer the following questions:

Some of the prison guards in this experiment exhibited cruel and violent behaviors. According to participants, this behavior was very different from their typical behavior. How would you explain this phenomenon?
Do you think that anyone participating in this experiment would have handled this situation in a fashion similar to those who participated? Explain your answer.
In your opinion, did Zimbardo’s work on this experiment contribute to a deeper understanding of society? Explain your answer.
Part 2 Review the American Sociological Association’s (ASA’s) Code of Ethics regarding the following research ethics topics:

Professional Competence
Professional and Scientific Responsibility
Respect for People’s Rights, Dignity, and Diversity
Social Responsibility
Answer the following questions:

Was the Stanford Prison Experiment “ethical” according to the ASA’s Code of Ethics?
Was the controversy worth the findings that this study revealed?


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