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Psy2012 Quizzes Chapter 8, 9, 10, & 11 (4 quizzes)

Module Chapter 8 & Module Chapter 9, (there are no class assignment for these chapters only quiz)

Module Chapter 10 & Module Chapter 11 (these are class assignments for these)

3> Module eight quiz will focus on content morpheme; meaningful units of language; cooing; thinking; Stanford-Binet intelligence test; Whorf’s linguistic relativity hypothesis; infants and communication; processes of language; types of intelligence; creative thinking; testing methods; toddlers and language; language acquisition; performance and negative beliefs; nonhuman language; problem solving; learning concepts; sections of the brain; intellectual disabilities; emotional intelligence; telegraphic speech;

4> Module nine quiz will focus on Kohlberg’s theory; cognitive structure in children; types of studies and research; Baumrind’s theory; imprinting; Ainsworth’s studies; Piaget’s stages; movement; ageism; pregnancy; Vygotsky’s theory; egocentrism; moral development; sexuality; conservation; prenatal development; types of parenting.

5> Module ten quiz will focus on eating disorders; genetic factors; motivation; theories of emotion; sexuality; emotional arousal; emotions and the brain; types of motivations; culture and body image; types of research; Maslow’s theory; sexual response model; Masters and Johnson’s theory.

6> Module eleven quiz will focus on personality; disorders; Roger’s theory; Jung’s theory; Maslow’s theory; Bandura’s theory; the Big Five; locus of control; defense mechanism; types of theories and approaches; personality testing; interviewing; traits and characteristics; Five-Factor model; Freud’s theory; Eysenck’s theory; factor analysis; Horney’s theory.
You will have 90 minutes to answer 40 multiple choice questions. There are two attempts, however, the questions on your 2nd attempt will differ from the 1st attempt. Your highest score will be automatically entered into gradebook.  Material is from book chapters uploaded previously & here again


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