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Must use five creditable sources (reviewd journal) articles within paper with no direct quoting. A good clue that an article is scholarly is that it comes from a publication produced by a professional academic organization, such as the American Psychological Association, and has the name “Journal” in it. Wikipedia and other encyclopedias, online dictionaries, answer supplying websites such as,, and, which do the work of synthesizing information for readers, newspapers, magazines and textbooks cannot be used for the paper.
The articles need to be cited but no direct quotes used it must all be rewritten, rewrote, or paraphrased then cited. Once again this means the work should still be cited just not directly quoted. I will double and triple check for plagirism!

The paper will be about cogntive psychology. It should consist of the development of cogntive psychology starting with ulrich neisser and the importance of his book cognitive psychology and then move from 1967 when that book to the present year and how it has progressed and is still useful.

Biography & Contribution: A biography of the theorist (2 pages). The biography portion of the paper should be brief and relevant to the purpose of the paper. A detailed explanation of the theorist’s most important contribution to the field.

Evaluation: A critical evaluation of the theory from industry professionals (what are the challenges, strengths, limitations of the theory in psychology today?) (3 pages).

Personal Response: A personal response to the theory written in 3rd person. Using the concepts contained within your chosen theory, evaluate how you see the components of this theory in your everyday life. This should not be a discussion of peronal life, but a selection of concepts applied to your life as you see them through the eyes/concepts of the theorist. What and how does each concept apply and is currently working in your life (2 pages)


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