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Your textbook mentions daycare/childcare in a couple of sections (you’ll read about it next week as well).  After you’ve read all the reading for this week, answer the following questions. Don’t make this a political response (“I like . . . don’t like childcare”) but use it as an example to pull together and apply core concepts from the two chapters for the week.

Divide your answer into three sections (use a heading for each section)

1. What would be necessary in a childcare setting to stimulate full development during infancy and toddler hood? Think of physical/motor, cognitive, language, personality and sociocultural development. Don’t write a book but pick out main points and make it clear that you are applying text content.

2. Based on the chapters’ content, what could go wrong in development because of a daycare setting? What would be the optimum daycare environment to complete development?

3. What would you as a parent contribute to the development of your child that daycare can’t?

In your answer, make sure you address all of the questions asked and draw in text material that applies (cite correctly per APA)

(chapter 5 &6)

Exploring Lifespan Development (3rd ed.). Boston: Pearson Education, Inc


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