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Draft 4-5 pg. paper (10%) is due on Sun., September 16, 2018 at 11:59am through Turnitin. Final 8-10 pg. paper (15%) is due on Sun., October 7, 2018 at 11:59am through Turnitin.

This assignment will help you learn more about the biographies and important contributions of one of the social theorists that we do not cover in this class. It will also develop your research skills on the Internet and assist you in giving an online PowerPoint presentation. Here is the main gist of the paper requirement.

This assignment can be broken down into a series of steps:

You will select a theorist in Charles Lemert’s book that we are not covering for the term.
Start to learn as much as you can about your theorist in terms of personal biography. You should share where the theorist comes from, some key facts about the theorist’s family of origin, family of procreation, his/her educational background, his/her work background, etc.. And if there are any other interesting facts about that theorist, please share them here. The biography should be about 2-3 pages long.
Then you should discuss the important contributions of the theorist in terms of his/her key theoretical contributions or ideas generated and influential works written (i.e., books, articles, essays, etc.). This should also be 3-4 pages long. This will involve conducting Internet searches from reputable social theory sites. One famous site for theorists who are more sociological is – Sociosite: Famous Sociologists – A second site which is more philosophical but also includes relevance to social science disciplines is The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy – Another site is Wikipedia. I am not opposed to you looking at a Wikipedia page when first starting out – especially since one of its founders – Jimmy Wales is from Alabama. J However, please remember it should lead you to other sources. Other universities or non-profit history organizations may have good web pages on social theorists. Just read a variety of sources and try to ensure that they are scholarly and not just a random page put up on an individual’s blog. You should also check the Troy University databases to see if there are any journal articles written either by your theorist or some other scholar analyzing their work. IN TOTAL- you will need at LEAST eight references for your draft and final paper.
Lastly, you should analyze the work that was featured in the Lemert book. For this, you will treat it like one of your Reflection Assignments where you will provide a summary in your own words of what you think are the author’s main point/s or argument/s. Then you can present the strengths and weaknesses are of the theorist’s argument/s ((e.g., Does the author present sufficient evidence to back up his/her argument? Can you think of counter-evidence that the author ignores? Is the logic consistent? Does the author have a particular bias?). This section should be 3-4 pages long.
You will need your eight or more references for your draft paper as well as your final paper. If you need help with citing in APA format – this is an excellent primer:


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