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Changing the world for the better is the heart of human services and, likely, your inspiration for obtaining a degree in this field. Small changes in individuals, organizations, and communities can have a tremendous impact on the way people live and experience life. Igniting these changes, however, is not a simple task. For this Discussion, consider the complexity as your explore significant changes in the field of human services. Reflect on what you may bring to the human services profession so you may begin to influence change in the world through one person, one organization, and one community at a time.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post a description of your specific area of interest within human services. Explain why this area is of interest to you, including what brought you to your interest in this field. Then, using the historical timeline media in the Learning Resources, identify what you think is the most significant change in human services. Explain why you think this change is significant and how it might inform your work as a human services professional.


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