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Week 4 Assignment Worksheet

Psychodynamic Theories

Complete the following table.


Main tenets of theory

Unique contributions






Defense Mechanisms

Match the example with the appropriate defense mechanism.

1. _____A woman is involved in a car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down, but she cannot remember any details of the accident.

2. _____Taking a test makes me nervous, so I bite my nails.

3. _____My boss yelled at me at work today and it made me very upset. I went home and ended up yelling at my spouse that night.

4. _____Even though I drink alcohol every day, I am not an alcoholic.

5. _____I hate Alex, but I am overly nice and friendly when interacting with him at work.

6. _____I broke up with my boyfriend, but I am fine with it because he was a loser anyway.

7. _____I am convinced that my husband is cheating on me, even though I am the one who frequently thinks about cheating on him.

8. _____I am very frustrated at work and just want to scream, but instead I go to the gym and work out my frustration on the treadmill.


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