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Business Research Project Part 2: Research Plan

Shelia Collins, Nicola Phillips-Tate, Leeshon Guider, Yekaterina Volchanskaya

University of Phoenix

Applied Business Research and Statistics


Neil Eckardt

June 23, 2014


Business Research Project Part 2: Research Plan

In the second phase of the research project the team aims to identify the population and sample for the research. The team will also determine the data collection process, the format of the survey and information to be gathered as well as well as how to collect and distribute the survey.

Population and Sample

According to Target, the investigation determined that the stolen information includes names, mailing addresses, phone numbers or email addresses for up to seventy million individuals. The population chosen will be all seventy million consumers affected. Sampling for the research will consist of both, self administered and human administered sampling methods. “Much of the stolen data is partial in nature, but in cases where Target has an email address, the company will attempt to contact affected guests. This communication will be informational, including tips to guard against consumer scams. Target will not ask those guests to provide any personal information as part of that communication” (Target Provides Update on Data Breach and Financial Performance, 2014). For those without email addresses on file, Target will contact this group by mail and request an email address if they wish to participate online, and provide an alternative to call a toll free number to participate by phone through automated prompts. In the event, the guest prefer to receive a questionnaire in the mail, the company will mail the form as requested. Mailing as requested will save Target money because they will avoid printing unnecessary forms. The collaborative methods of sampling may be costly, but it is prevalent while striving to rebuild the customer loyalty database. Target is aware of sampling errors and is working diligently to avoid those errors.

Data Collection Process

Survey Format and Content

It is important to develop a short customer satisfaction survey to accurately measure customer satisfaction with the company, product, and service. It is also essential to understand the interests, goals, and upsets for the customer in order for the company to change and improve their services in order to keep their customer base. The format of the survey will be simple clear closed-ended questions to determine if the customers are truly satisfied with the overall service of the company and gain insight as to whether Target’s responds was conducted in a quick and professionally manner from the customer viewpoint. Some of the basic content to gather with the survey includes gender, age, and length of time as a Target customer, how likely the customer will remain with Target, and how likely will the customer refer the company to a friend or colleague. Using a survey tool such as the Likert-scale which uses a range from “not at all likely-extremely likely that can incorporate skip logic to allow customers to answer questions that are applicable to the services they’ve actually used, can provide insight into where the company can improve.

Survey Distribution and Collection

There are a number of ways through which the surveys can be distributed and collected, the most common ones include; mail surveys, personal interviews, interviews through phones and Internet surveys as well. However, the survey will be distributed over an electronic format, such as the Internet. Internet surveys are emerging as the most reliable because many people can be reached, the problem is that one needs Internet access in order to use it. Smart phone and tablet users are more familiar and comfortable with the use of the Internet as the platform for the survey questions. The consumers for this survey are users of debit/credit cards. The results will be collected at the end of the survey period; the results are automatically collated and analyzed by the survey team.

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