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Case Study: Laura: Bulimia Nervosa

Diagnosis: Diagnosing Laura

Refer to the DSM-IV-TR symptom checklist to determine what eating disorder Laura has. List Laura’s symptoms that correspond to the diagnosis.
Using Table 11-3, identify characteristics of Laura that are common among individuals with bulimia nervosa.
What evidence is there for a societal component in the development of eating disorders?
Identify two possible family environment issues that could have contributed to the development of Laura’s eating disorder.
Is there any evidence in Laura’s case to support the theory that mood disorders set the stage for eating disorders?
Treatment: Treating Laura

What is the most effective insight therapy for bulimia nervosa? What are the components of this treatment?
What percent of bulimia nervosa patients are helped by antidepressant medications?
What factors could be used to predict how likely a patient with bulimia nervosa is to suffer a relapse of the condition? Given this information, how likely is Laura to have problems with relapse following a successful treatment?
How would a behavioral therapist approach Laura’s treatment?


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