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Autism Spectrum Disorders, SP17
Reading #2 Questions
Legislation, Program Development, and Service Delivery

1. How and why are politics involved in the health, education and well-being of persons with ASD? Is it appropriate/ necessary? Why or why not?
2. What is the “Deficit Approach” to Program Development? What are the problems with this view?
3. What is an Individualized Family Service Plan? How is it different from an Individualized Education Plan?
4. Briefly discuss the three types of programs listed in the classroom-based approach. How are ABA and BI/FAB differentiated? Does this coincide with your education as a Behavior Analyst? Why or Why not?
5. Discuss the idea of the “Least Restrictive Environment” and the changes made in Service Delivery across time. (Be sure to include all the sub headings in Pre and Post IDEA.)
6. How are parents involved in the process of assessment and education? Do parents have the time, resources, and needed education/expertise to ensure that their child is receiving appropriate care that is mandated by law?


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