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5 to 7 page paper. Need this paper in APA format, use at least 3 reliable references. Quote the document throughout the assignment, do not be repetitive. Need to see a sample before final purchase.

Assignment 2: Analyzing a Major Issue

•Review the major concepts of social psychology in the textbook.

◦Domestic violence (may focus on married couples or dating couples)

•Locate and read at least three (3) peer reviewed articles on the issue.

◦At least one (1) article should discuss the historical event(s) or legal decision(s) that make the issue a major one in the United States.

◦Two (2) of the articles should have different views about causes, effects, and ways to address the issue.

Write a five to seven (5-7) page paper (1,000 to 1,200 words) in which you:

1.Provide an introduction to the paper with a thesis statement.

2.Describe at least three (3) key historical events and / or legal decisions that make the issue a major or important one in the U.S.

3.Discuss at least three (3) social psychology concepts addressed in the course that are related to the issue.

4.Analyze at least three (3) challenges individuals and law enforcement agencies face with the issue.

5.Explain your agreement with at least three (3) statements by authors of the references cited.

6.Explain your disagreement with at least two (2) statements by authors of the references cited.

7.Recommend at least two (2) ways that individuals should address the issue to help improve social elements involved in the issue.

8.Suggest at least two (2) ways those in criminal justice (police officers, prosecuting attorneys, and / or judges) should address the issue.

9.Provide a conclusion to the paper that includes a reference to the thesis statement and contains a summary of the main points.

10.Provide at least three (3) external peer-reviewed references to support your paper.


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