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I need a reaction paper to a video on YouTube.

(Advance Cure For Schizophrenia – World Documentary Films via @YouTube)

;and also a reaction paper to a chapter in my textbook. (I’ve uploaded a screenshot of pages)

The book is Essential Psychopathology and it’s treatment, 4th edition by M.D Kilgus, J.S. Maxmen, and N.G. Ward

I think 1-2 pages each will suffice. I need them by 8am CST. Please only accept if you can it done by morning. Thanks in advance!

Reaction Paper Guideline:

• summarize the material to which you are reacting; give the title and authors

•critique the material by providing an analysis; the purpose of the material, strengths and weaknesses, ethical issues

•highligh key points that stood out to you

•give your personal reaction to the material


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